Corporate Styling

There is no substitute for robust enthusiasm. This comes from “natural well being” and a commitment to improvement in all areas of your life.

In keeping with our tailor made approach, we also offer Corporate Styling. We believe that personal appearance has a lot to do with success, both personally and in the corporate world. We can help you develop and retain a personal style all of your own.

We can offer a number of personalised solutions with regard to corporate styling including:

  • Clothing and style recommendations
  • Personal Shopping Service
  • Bespoke tailoring service
  • Skin, Hair and Grooming advice

We have found that when our clients look good they feel good and in turn are more confident, helping to reduce workplace anxiety.

Additionally we offer assistance in planning small events with the aid of caterers to make your events stand out.

Heading the team here at Executive Antidote is Patrick Tyrrell N.D. mANPA.

Make an appointment with Patrick today! Call him on 0416 018 064 or contact him here.
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